Welcome to the food by fone community

Discuss local food, healthy food, food delivery.

This community discussion site has been set up with the aim to assist people helping others get food during these unusual times of coronavirus and covid19, whether volunteers, foodbanks, care workers, or regular restaurants doing take-away.

For example:

  • Restaurants who can now only provide take out / delivery service
  • Other outlets providing food take out / delivery service
  • Take-away outlets offering delivery instead of pick-up
  • Outlets / supply chain still open
  • Food Markets remaining open
  • Hungry people looking for food
  • Information about online delivery slots at supermarkets
  • Volunteers seeking ways to support those who may fall through the cracks of other plans
  • Information on food-banks and similar
  • Local food gardens
  • Plots and allotments
  • Find updates & post updates
  • Links to other resources, etc.

It is not always clear what should / could be done or how to resolve certain problems.
What is a problem in one area may not be in another but I’m sure there are similarities.
A few people have said to only look after yourself - but what about those who cannot?

The site is structured to help the most number of people collaborate without requiring a lot of layers which would slow it down.

Since starting this I’ve heard some emergency service say they would like to collaborate and learn from other areas’ experiences.

Wiki’s exist for some areas - so collaborate away!

Locations can now be added to topics where appropriate.

Suggestions welcome - in the ‘Site Feedback’ section.


Some quick rules:

  1. Topics must be food / medical supplies (or emergency service / first responder / etc.) related.
  2. Please do not post speculation - stick to facts.
  3. This is NOT the place to solicit financial donations, no matter how good the cause. If you represent an organisation registered as a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) or registered charity or similar you may mention a particular/specific cause and link back to the official website only.
  • A BIG thank you! :slight_smile:

If you’re able to add some content that’s great and much appreciated!

I have a few favours to ask -

  • Please choose the best category for your post - it doesn’t take you long but saves everyone else collectively hours of time.

  • If you know how to edit a Wiki - it’s really not that hard, it’s just like editing a post - please update the related Wiki to reference your new update if you’re able.

  • I just know there is going to be something else.

This makes the site much more useful and easier to use for everyone who visits as they can quickly find the information they need.