Pharmacy questions

Telephoned in several times - if the pharmacy appears closed what’s the best option as the GP looks closed also - and has a big sign saying stay home - prescriptions have to go between them somehow ?

Will a pharmacy somewhere else be able to magically get it sorted?


update - it looks like they just changed opening hours, panic averted

everything delayed though , everything seems to be impacted by this situation along every step of the way

Yes, it seems although things are stabilising a bit, that there are still delays in many arenas for various reasons from supply chain staffing, social distancing, etc.

Another example that mail is still delivered, yet some post offices (in stores) remain closed.

And of course not everyone knows all these details yet, many are still finding out the impact when they have been self-isolating for a period of time because, of course, there is no one single place to get or keep up to date on everything affected.

I heard that no post delivered on Saturdays at the moment.