In store payments

It is possible in some stores to pay with card or cash.

Some stores are now allowing cash only via self-service terminals.

Some people struggle with self-service terminals - what are they to do? Does this mean more people helping out? What are the alternatives?

What do homeless people with cash donations now do to buy food?

I was able to use card and cash at the till in Sainsbury’s (getting shopping for someone else as well) even though it said card only. The cashier kindly offered when I realised I would need to go through to the cash only machine after.

I really do appreciate everyone who’s continuing to keep things going as normal as possible.

We definitely should not rely on this, but people going the extra mile like this make the situation a lot more bearable!

I do think this situation can bring out the best in some people and their willingness to help out others - I feel a new section coming up - “Great people in unusual times”