"I fear that hunger may kill many like us before coronavirus,"

Maybe we are lucky!

“I know everything about coronavirus. It’s very dangerous, the whole world is struggling. Most people who can afford and have a place to stay are indoors. But for people like us, the choice is between safety and hunger. What should we pick?” he asks.

What could be done to help?

Akhilesh Yadav, the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, admits these challenges are huge, acknowledging that “nobody in any government has faced them before”.

“All governments need to act lightning fast because the situation is changing every day. We need to activate big community kitchens and deliver food to people who need it. We need to hand out cash or rice and wheat - irrespective of who comes from which state,” he said.

from a story last week on BBC:

A central kitchen for scale, then deliver out so avoiding big numbers of people going to the same area - like a soup-kitchen-comes-to-you.

It does make me think:

going to the shops for toilet paper, bread milk, tins and pasta (in the West) is instinctive behaviour in a modern society, but means many people going to crowded shops (hence the spacing now)

…what do less fortunate people do?

crowd into shelters, soup kitchens, foodbanks, etc. which can’t be a good idea.