Coronavirus: Sainsbury’s uses ‘loophole’ to keep Argos open

But many stores have taken action. Health and beauty chain Boots, for example, has kept its stores open for pharmaceutical goods, but has closed its in-store beauty and fragrance counters.

Marks & Spencer has kept its food halls open to customers, but closed down its clothing and home operations after the government said non-essential shops must close.

One unnamed worker, quoted in evidence published by the House of Commons business select committee, said: "They are also forcing all Argos workers from their closed standalone stores, to go and work in the stores that are still trading, or a local Sainsbury’s, rather than allowing them to stay at home (where the government says they should be).

Another Argos employee tweeted: "Argos is making us standalone store workers go to Argos in Sainsbury’s stores which are still open or work in the delivery hub or we DON’T GET PAID.

Any updates on this? And Argos, I mean are they still allowing deliveries as well as collection in-store?
and was there any fall out from what they did?

found another article about companies conduct during covid.